Schueman & Smith Earn CCLP Designation

The Association of Leadership Programs is thrilled to recognize and announce the newest Certified Community Leadership Practitioners: Cindy Schueman, CCLP, and Peggy Smith, CCLP. 

The Certified Community Leadership Practitioner (CCLP) program was developed in response to membership feedback to provide extensive ongoing training opportunities for community leadership program professionals. The CCLP designation provides community leadership program professionals an incentive to achieve excellence in professional performance with mastery of essential skills. The development of the Certified Community Leadership Practitioner program began in 2016, with the first CORE training course offered in 2019 in conjunction with the ALP National Conference held that year in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 23 Community Leadership professionals participated in the first cohort. Since 2019, 79 CLP professionals have completed the required 16 hours of CORE training.

Fourteen individuals, including Schueman and Smith, have completed the process, passed the certification exam, and earned the CCLP designation. 

Since 2015, Cindy Schueman has served as the Executive Director of IMPACT Leadership, based in Cookeville, Tennessee. IMPACT Leadership aims to inspire and develop participants leadership abilities and understanding of their roles within Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland area.

Since 2012, Peggy Smith has served as the Executive Director of Leadership Siouxland, based in Sioux City, Iowa. Leadership Siouxland was formed in 1984 when a group of individuals in Sioux City recognized the need to create a forum for like-minded individuals to help them learn the skills needed to be leaders, and to be a catalyst for positive community change.

The Certified Community Leadership Practitioner (CCLP) Certification is designed to enhance individual performance, elevate professional standards, and recognize Association, Chamber of Commerce, and other Non-Profit professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of program development in a leadership organization.

The Association of Leadership Programs (ALP) oversees the certification process to obtain the CCLP designation.  Training includes a series of learning components covering personal, practical, and theoretical leadership.  Candidates must complete 16 hours of CORE training, 24 hours of pre-designated coursework, plus an additional 10 hours of elective coursework for a total of 50 hours prior to submitting an application to sit for the CCLP examination. The final requirement is completing and passing the written exam. All steps must be completed to be eligible to obtain the CCLP designation.

The next CCLP CORE training course will be offered in 2025. Learn more about the CCLP Program.

Contact: Jessie Baginski, Director of Programs

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