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Tammy White, Leadership Knoxville

Learning Session: Leadership Programs - Connecting People, Facilitating Conservation and Relationships, Creating Thought Leaders, Building Inclusive Communities Learning Session: Database Technology - An Essential Tool for Growing Capacity, Alumni Connectivity, and More

Tammy White is the President/CEO of Leadership Knoxville. Since joining Leadership Knoxville in 2009, she launched the Mayors’ Leadership Luncheon, an annual event hosted by the City and County Mayors to inspire community leaders to action. While helping build a leaderful community, she has overseen the addition of youth and collegiate leadership programs in an effort to create a continuum of leadership from youth to seniors. In 2017, she helped launch a new program – Connect Knox, which serves as a civic solutions lab and succession planning for our city’s future leaders. These additional programs are helping LK intentionally build a continuum of leaders from youth to seniors in our community and region.