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Shara Smith, Gateways to Greatness

Learning Session: Diversity and Inclusion - The Story is in the System

Shara Smith is an education and training specialist, with a decade of experience in the field. She has spent her professional career helping individuals, teams, and organizations strive toward and achieve a deeper level of greatness in the work that they do. Over the years, Shara has had the great pleasure of traveling across the country helping teams develop and deliver curriculum on building capacity through strategic planning and communicating effectively; which she expresses to her clients is one of the most basic tools to get teams to be more successful. For instance, her more recent work consist of working with millineal leaders, as a millennial herself, to understand what strategic planning is, and how to create one with ease to achieve both short term and long-term goals. Shara places heavy emphasis on one of the most essential aspects of Strategic Planning and that is team building because from her experience, incorporating team building will result in more collaborative, rewarding and productive group dynamics. Shara’s true passion is facilitation, and as a Certified Community Coach she pulls from various facilitation styles including: exploratory, participative, interpretive, and evaluative. Currently, she is developing curriculum (for face-to-face trainings as well as for online platforms) for the largest membership organization of federal government employees. Shara has a Masters of Science in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from the George Mason University that she uses as she commits to creating spaces to promote positive change in individuals, teams and organizations. For more information detailed information please visit: gatewaystogreatness.com.